Entrepreneurship needs to start from childhood.

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  • Hello Everybody;

    Back in 1979-1981, I lived with my family in San Jose California.
    My father was invited to work in IBM and my mother to San Jose State University.
    We belong to an academic family from Mexico and as you can imagine money has not been Big for academics. Since then, my brother and I learned to earn money to buy things we liked. Our parents could not afford much of the extra budget. Our father, was always teaching us how we could get our piggy bank full and save, so we could buy things we liked specially Atari games and things for our Apple IIe. So we did two things:
    A) We recollected aluminum cans with our bicycles and exchanged them for money at Safeway.
    B) We also mowed the neighbor’s lawns for $ 10, which was good for that time, especially for some 8 and 10 years old kids.
    This is why we have been in entrepreneurship since we where kids. We learned how to get money from working and doing intelligent things.
    Our father, a very intelligent hard workingman, has always helped us with his work and advice to be independent. We never needed to find a 9 to 5 job in a big company.
    My brother and I have work together in many different projects. We have raised angel capital, some really successful and some a big loss. We have lived well and worked hard in Mexico.
    We have learned to get advice from different type of mentors, experts, family, and friends. We recognize that it is impossible to be successful without help and advice from other people.
    One of the most important things we have learned is to offer value and never give up to our dreams. One of my friends always told me I was a dreamer and that things do not work for dreamers. Many times I have thought that he was right, and that we should stop our ventures and go find a job out there in the market.
    The world is in an economic distress and needs many entrepreneur kids so we can be able to live in a better and just place. We need to recognize that we are all connected as humanity, we need teachers and mentors to help us be independent right form our childhood. There are many different ways of earning a living helping people that are in need of it, without losing your soul and hurting the natural environment.
    The most important element on earth is humanity. We need to protect everyone and respect our mother nature. This will be the only way we will be in peace and fulfilled as a global community.

    “Saludos que esten muy bien”

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